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Jeff Turiel

Jeff Turiel has been a school psychologist at a public high school for the past 30 years, and he’s very passionate about being a support person to teens who experience difficult life challenges. He’s also passionate about music. In his spare time, he writes and records original music. Jeff enjoys starting with a rough idea and seeing how it develops into a finished product. All of Jeff’s original songs are recorded at home on a 24-track Tascam DP-24. He performs all the instruments and vocals with the help of an Alesis drum machine.

With That Girl

One thing seems to run through all of Jeff Turiel’s original music, and it's the idea that the glass is at least half full. Jeff reminds us that out in the world we can be hopeful under any circumstances, and we can enjoy life. In the song “With That Girl,” we listen to the story of a guy who has just found the girl of his dreams. Jeff sings about the effects she has on that guy, and he “can’t wait any longer” to begin experiencing the love he has for her. Smooth guitar work and strong vocals with harmonies make the song an enjoyable experience.

What's on Our Playlist from Jeff Turiel

  • Road to Abiliene
  • Can't Hold On
  • Keep It Real
  • One Time
  • Plastic Fog
  • Redemption
  • Superstars
  • Waking Up
  • With That Girl
February 6, 2017